Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back in Creative Action!

About a week ago, I was feeling really down about my art. I was depressed & blocked & felt like everything I worked on was poo-poo. (Pardon my french!) The warm wishes & emails from all of you helped me immensely, but I was still really not feeling myself. Then synchronicity stepped in. I'm currently working my way through Julia Cameron's book, Vein of Gold. The day I was feeling my worst, I came upon a passage that talked about the need for patience in a creative life, that every creative person hits rough waters now and then. "Is she reading my mind?", I thought as I eagerly sought the salve for this dilemma. Turns out, Julia believes that these rough times are actually signs that our artwork is reaching the next level. Growing pains if you will. She suggests that you force yourself to work through it. Show-up and do the work. Even if you think it's garbage. So I slowly crept into my studio-the room I had been avoiding for a week & sat down. What to do? I spotted a book on my bookshelf. One of the million crafty, arty books I have purchased, poured over and marked pages in. Maybe I'm the only one, but I always think I'll go back and do the projects I marked. Well, now was a good time to actual do them. I didn't have to think of an original idea, I just needed to show-up and do the work. And you know what? It worked. Each project that I did got me more excited about doing art again and I began to infuse more and more of myself in the projects. I feel a million times better & wanted to share this little trick with you. Try it next time you are in rough waters. Consider it a life jacket I'm throwing out to you & remember I'm waiting and waving on shore for you.

Okay, so I got a little more poetic than usual there-sorry! Time for show & tell! Here's the book and the projects I worked on during my rough waters days.

The Book: The Foof-A-Life

Page 9 Desk Set Project. I actually saw the altered clipboard in the picture and went off & running.

Page 28 The Creativity Fairy. This a candle jar. I'm going to light it whenever I need help with my creativity!

Page 53 Chairs in My Home. This was a really fun project. I'm on the look-out for little chairs now.

So I think I'm unblocked. I've got a ton of new projects to show you that came out once I got through these couple forced projects, but I'm going to parcel them out over the next couple of days. Check back soon! (Oh! Foof-A-Life was hard to find, but I found a copy at the Amazon Marketplace. If you want to read Vein of Gold, click on my book recommendations to the right of this page.)