Thursday, August 2, 2007

Collage of Mom

I told you I was back on the creativity train! 3 posts in 2 days! This afternoon, I'm taking my dad to the fair to see the collage I did of him that won First Place! He's pretty sure I won because of the subject matter. Runs around calling himself my artistic muse and is wondering how many autographs he'll have to sign at the fair. (So, if you plan on being at Orange County Fair this afternoon & see us, please ask for autograph, ok?)

I thought I would honor my mom with a collage too. I made it last night. One of those creative moments, where you get an idea & then suddenly fate takes over & everything changes. I knew I wanted to put an image of a person onto this background, but was thinking I was going to use one of my paper dolls. When I was digging through my embarrassingly messy pile of ephemera, I came across a picture of my mom, sitting pretty in her first communion dress & I was off suddenly off & running in a completely new direction. It's really different, but I like it.

Hope you like it Mom! Maybe I'll enter it in next year's fair & then you can sign autographs! Just remember-you are always my muse!