Thursday, August 16, 2007

Crown Crazy

Okay, this is the last post of the day! I told you 3 posts ago that I was going to post A LOT today! I had two deadlines facing me. I needed to make something for my future sister-in-law for her wedding shower and I needed to work on a project for a gothic themed project I'm involved with. (I'm not sure how hush-hush that is so I'm being vague.) Here's what I came up. I love them both so much that I've created extras for my Etsy shop.

This crown is for my sister-in-law's shower. It was inspired by the Crown & Tiara swap that Holly Doodle had awhile ago. Oh my stars! Once I got going I couldn't stop. I'm addicted to crowns!

This is my Gothic crown. When I first started this project, I thought I was going to do a collage based on Mary Shelley, but I just couldn't seem to get going. Then, while shopping to make the Red & White crown, I started to see items I could incorporate into a goth crown & I was off and running. It's inspired by Poe's poem The Raven. I think it would be perfect for a Halloween costume. I hate to dress-up, but I could just throw on a black dress, pop this on my head and I would be set. I'm so glad my muse handed this idea over to me. I'm not really a Halloween person and I was struggling with finding ideas for seasonal goodies for my Etsy shop. No more struggling!