Monday, August 13, 2007


My daughter loves mermaids. I mean she is crazy for them-she even uses the word mermaid as an adjective. You know she likes something if it is "mermaid". It's a good word because she'll do anything we tell her if a mermaid is involved. "Drink your water" may not be effective, but "drink your mermaid water" works everytime. Of course it can backfire on us too. We've had many long mornings spent looking for a "mermaid dress" in her closet. I'm still not exactly sure what a mermaid dress is, but my daughter knows it when she sees it! I'm telling you this because the photo is of a bust that my mom bought me on Thursday. According to my daughter it's a mermaid-she even named her Serena. Since this is a bust, I guess I can't argue with her. I mean, I don't know what she looked likes from the waist down. So now Serena is hanging out in my studio overseeing my work. I wouldn't be surprised if some mermaids started appearing in my work!

The story of my mom getting this for me is cute too. We were vintage shopping & I saw Serena & really, really loved her. But our washing machine just broke down & needed to be replaced & I felt guilty about spending any extra cash. I put her down & left the store. We had lunch and then went to our separate cars to drive to my mom's house for more visiting. When I arrived, Serena was sitting on the kitchen table! My mom claims she doesn't know how she got there, which is a typical story from my mom. (Someday I'll tell you about the appearance of nutcrackers when I was 13-she really didn't want me to give up the Santa thing!) Anyway, I don't care how she got there, cause she's mine now. I have the best mom in the world!