Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have to admit that painting scares me. When I started my creative journey a year ago, I stuck to collage because it didn't involve drawing anything. I just had to put components together in a pleasing & creative way. Then I slowly stuck my toe into watercoloring (ha! playing with words!). I am still intrepid about my original works though. I haven't been taught how to paint, I didn't go to art school, all the usual excuses come up. I feel like my paintings are flat because I don't know how to shadow. And on and on and on. But I'm forcing myself to do it. I signed-up for 2 painting classes this weekend. I'm hoping that a class or two will force that nagging, doubtful voice to hush. I don't think I can learn everything I need to know in 2 classes, but at least I'll have some formal training under my belt.

All that being said, I am proud of my recent work. The women are watercolors and the girls are acrylic paints. I feel like my style is slowly emerging. Still whimsical, but not just cupcakes anymore. The collage work I clung to early on is still there, in the vintage music sheets and book pages, but MY artwork is there too and that feels really good.