Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesdays-Week 1 Challenge

Well ladies, the big day is here. Thanks to everyone who signed-up to participate. If you didn't get your name in on time, you can still play along with the challenges, you just won't have a partner or get goodies when you reach your goal. Everyone is welcome to leave a static link in the comment area if they have posted the week's challenge to their blog. I'd love to see what everyone is doing with the challenges.

For those of you who did sign-up, I sent out your partner information yesterday. If you didn't receive my email, please contact me right away!

This week's challenge is a little more work intensive than future challenges, but it lays the ground work for the next six weeks. Each week, I'll give you two challenges-one about diet and one about exercise. Interpret these challenges however you choose and in whatever you form choose. They are designed to help you with your weight loss efforts and get a little art in.

About 4 years ago, I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers Online. This was mainly because I lived, breathed & ate diet & exercise. I had to be obsessive about it in order to lose the weight. I found it funny that I was overweight because I was obsessed with food, yet I had to think about food even more in order to lose weight!

I gained the 30 pounds back since then. I got pregnant, and gained weight due to the lifestyles changes a baby brought about in my life. I'm ready to lose again, but I found I was struggling with the idea of giving-up my new obsession with art in order to obsess about diet and exercise. Then I found the book, Our Lady of Weight Loss by Janice Taylor and discovered that I could obsess about both! That's the basis of this challenge. A way for all of us to fit our art into this personally challenging area of our life-health and weight loss. Okay, enough babble. Onto the challenges of the week!

Diet Challenge-Week One

Many, many studies have shown that the most successful dieters keep a food diary. So this week, alter a book to use as yours. I'm using a composition book and made a new cover for it (see the image above). I'm planning on using it for my food diary and to art journal the challenges. If you aren't artistic, buy a journal that you absolutely love. I recommend going to Etsy to find something that really sings to you. The second part of this challenge is to pick a day and not only write out the food you eat, but also photograph every bit of food that goes into your mouth that day and put in your new journal. If you don't like photography, sketch or paint your food diary for a day-whatever turns you on. It's going to be amazing to see how much and what we are eating in a visual format. It's also amazing to see how we change our food habits when we think someone is watching-even if it is ourselves, but behind a camera! Journal about how you feel when you look at your visual food diary. Here's a picture of my breakfast today. (This visual food diary idea came from the book, Our Lady of Weight Loss. I can't take the credit for the idea.)

Exercise Challenge-Week One

Walk every day for a minimum of 30 minutes. Try to walk alone. Julia Cameron's book, Vein of Gold and the book, Foolsgold, both wax poetic about how much the creative process benefits from a daily, solitary walk. And we all know how much a little exercise can help our bodies. On your walk, collect a beautiful leaf or some found object, bring it home and paste it into your journal. Write about how your daily walks are improving the way you feel physically and creatively.

(Note: To buy the books I mentioned here, go to my Amazon store in the left column. They are all listed there!)