Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Art & Soul Part Two

Here are the collages I made in Sally Jean's class. The class was called Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and we made three, 2 sided collages that were soldered into house shaped, beveled glass. I haven't strung mine together yet, but it stands up once I do. The collages are my maternal grandfather & grandmother as young people. A childhood picture of my mom is in the middle. The backs are altered sheets of vintage music and wallpaper. Making 6 mini collages in 3 hours was tricky, but Sally really encouraged us not to over think the composition-just do it. There's something to be said for allowing creativity to flow unhindered & I'm pleased with the results. I have soldered before, but I feel like I did a better than usual job, so the tips and tricks I picked up in the class must have helped me.

Tomorrow is Weight Loss Wednesday and then on Thursday, I'll share more artwork that came out of my wonderful retreat experience.