Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday-Week Four


Is that the sound of crickets I hear? Where is everyone? Have you lost your steam? Did anyone do last week's challenges? Do you all hate vegetables that much? Ok, seriously, I hope everyone is doing well & feeling healthy. I have to admit that even I didn't do journal pages for the Week Three's challenges. And I paid for it. Gained back all the weight I lost. I'm hoping it's water gain since it's that time of the month. Gosh! I'm REALLY hoping it's water gain!

Speaking of water....

Diet Challenge

Drink 8 glasses of water everyday. It helps control water retention and keeps your body working correctly. Do a journal page about water.

Exercise Challenge

Pick the body part you hate most. Do specific exercises for that part. BUT, and this is the important part of the challenge, turn the negative talk about that body part into positive talk. When you say I have thunder thighs, your subconscious mind, says "we have thunder thighs" and programs your body to keep that truth. But, if you say you have powerful thighs, your subconscious will agree with that one too. (By the way, can you tell which body part I hate the most on myself? Squats, here I come!)

Now, I really want to see some journal pages or hear some comments/thoughts on the challenge this week ok? I'm going to commit to catching up on my challenges & I hope you will all join me. We don't have that many more weeks to go.

P.S. Blogger is telling me I can't upload pictures & that they are working on it. I'll try making this post pretty later, ok?