Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesdays Week 2 Challenges

I hope everyone is playing along & seeing some progress in their weight loss journey. I didn't see many links on last week's post's comments-so be sure to put a link in the comments when you do one of the challenges so that we can all pay your blog a visit and see what you are up to!

First, I thought I would share the two pages of my visual food journal from last week. One day I photographed everything I ate. (The numbers on the pictures are the number of points each meal is-I'm doing Weight Watchers.)

Another day I sketched my food. It was a good exercise because I've been trying to draw everyday & this kills two birds with one stone.

Ready for this week's challenges?

Diet Challenge-Week Two

Mindful eating. This one is a tough one. Everytime you eat-even snacks-you must sit down at your table and focus on the food. How it tastes and feels in your mouth, what it smells like. How your body is reacting to it. No TV, no books! Really be mindful of what you are eating. After doing this exercise you will probably start to become pretty picky about what you are eating-it better be good if it's your only form of entertainment. You'll also realize how much you eat out of boredom and/or don't even pay attention to what you eat. Journal about how this week's challenge makes you feel.

Exercise Challenge-Week Two

Try a new exercise and journal about it. I'm jumping a bit ahead and did my journal page for you. I tried Belly Dance. It made me feel a bit uncoordinated, but I kept thinking about how the most attractive belly dancers (in most countries) are those with hips and a bit of a belly. Trying a new exercise will stimulate creatively and it can jump start your metabolism. If you've been walking or doing or aerobics, try a different exercise. It will shock your body into letting go of a little more weight.

Enjoy your challenges this week & keep me posted on your progress!