Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday

To me. Today is my birthday. I'm 38. When you think about it, that means I just completed my 38th year and am about to embark on by 39th! GULP!

Seriously, I always get very introspective on my birthday. I make my new year's resolutions on my birthday since that's really my new year. I also take the time to review my past year. This year, I took time each month to record my successes-it's a wonderful thing to do because you are sure to remember everything. Some of the great things that happened to me this year include:

-I celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary
-I became a full time stay at home mom
-I found out one of my journal pages is going to be published in a book (I'll do an entry about that later.)
-I had 3 art submissions accepted for publication in a few 2008 Somerset publications
-I am going to have some artwork & an article published in Somerset Memories in February
-I went to Art & Soul
-My artwork was in an exhibit at The ARTbar
-I opened my Etsy shop
-I began blogging in earnest

When I was reviewing this list, I realized that I don't really remember the challenges or bad things that happened this year. I'd like to think I'm learning the lessons and moving on.

As for this year, my theme of the year is going to be: The Year of the Artist. I would really like to have my artwork in a gallery. I'd like to work on my visual journaling everyday. I want to paint and draw and work on becoming a better artist so that I can achieve my dreams of being a working artist. I'm also planning on creating a Soul Collage (TM)Deck for myself.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this past year a successful & wonderful year. I'm looking forward to having you walk beside me as I embark on another year's journey.