Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weight Loss Wednesday

Today is our last week! Can you believe that six weeks flew by? Who made their goal? If you were a member of the "official" Weight Loss Wednesday group let me know if you make your goal as of next Wednesday and I'll let everyone know that they should send you goodies & rewards! I'm not going to make it. It's been a hard haul for me, but I'm glad I tried this process out. I learned a lot about myself and am even considering turning the journal prompts into an ecourse or something. Speaking of journal prompts, I have one more set for you:

Diet Challenge Week #6

Find ways to reward yourself that don't involve food. I know that when I've done a good job, I think "I deserve some chocolate". Or if my husband gets raise, we celebrate by going out to dinner. Even our holidays are focused around food. When I was good weight loss chick, I started making something other than food the focus of family gatherings. I would schedule a game of charades or an outing to the park as the main event, with food just being secondary for the day. Make a list of ways you can reward yourself besides eating. Get a manicure. Get to do art by yourself for 2 hours. Buy art supplies! Once you have this list, use it. When you hear yourself saying I did a great job, I deserve a piece of cake, run & get your list and do something on it instead. (P.S. I'm not blaming moms here (they did the best they can!) but I know I was comforted and rewarded with food, which set me up for this behavior as an adult. In order to try not to pass it along to my daughter, I've started saving little toys I come across-stickers, fancy pens, etc. in a box. When the time comes for my daughter to be rewarded or comforted, she will get to choose a toy from the reward box. I'm also planning on taking her to the zoo or Disneyland or something to celebrate milestones like graduations & birthdays instead of focusing on food. I'm hoping to change my future bloodline's attitude about food!)

Exercise Challenge Week #6

Try yoga! I was in the best physical and mental shape of my life when I practiced yoga every morning. Although I didn't try to do any meditation at first, I found that my mind naturally began to relax as my body did. I'm personally going to make a sincere effort to walk everyday and do at least 30 minutes of yoga everyday. Although that's not the type of hard core exercises I used to do, it's better than nothing and I'm learning to accept that I have to make changes based on where my life is now, not where it used to be.

Thanks for taking this six week journey with me. Even though the prompts are stopping, I hope you will continue your efforts. Keep me up to date on how you are doing!