Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Teapot Collection

I'm trying to sketch everyday. I belong to a Yahoo Group called Everyday Matters and one of their challenges is to sketch your collection. I have a rather large collection of teapots. I eventually stopped collecting them because they were overtaking my home! I have kept a list in a journal of my teapots, listing when I received them, who gave them to me etc. I have some blank pages in the journal, so I'm sketching them into the same book. I think it will be nice accompaniment to the whomever inherits my collection someday.

I'm really enjoying, pulling out my teapots, one at a time, and sketching them. It's a great way to play with my collection. To see more sketches by the Everyday Matters group, you can visit their pool on Flickr.

I'm thinking of turning some of these sketches into note cards. Which is your favorite?