Thursday, December 13, 2007

Too sweet

This is going to be a sickingly, sweet post. Every year, my husband goes away for a week the American Physical Society's conference. It's a big event for all the physicists in the world. I've gone with him before-picture a hotel filled to the brim with science geeks....but I'm digressing.

My last words to my husband as he leaves are, of course, "bring me something". I'm like a child that way. I think I deserve a prize for being home alone with a two year old for a week. (Oh wait! I DO deserve a prize for that.) Being the great guy he is, my husband always brings me back something good. But this year, he really out did himself.

He printed out a bunch of my artwork, bought a blank journal and sat in his lonely little hotel room every night, cutting & pasting & painting. He altered the darn thing & brought it back to me because I was babbling that I wanted to do more art journaling. Can you believe how sweet that is? He did art for me. He listened to me and wanted to support me in my interests! I think I'm going to have to keep him. I mean if he can still do stuff like this after being together for 14 years, I'd be crazy to let him go. The collage in this post is the front of the journal he made me. He gave it to me back in November, but I had to hold this whole story close to my heart, just between us for awhile. I'll be sharing what I've been doing inside soon, but I had to give him credit for this touching action. I'm planning on writing this story out in the book somewhere so that our great-grandchildren can read it & be in awe of how much their great-grandparents loved & respected each other. I know, sweet-sweet-sweet, but don't say you weren't warned!