Monday, January 7, 2008

Letter Writing Party!

I'm getting the party started a bit early since I'm on the West Coast & I want all my friends back East to be able to join in when they wake-up & I'm still sleeping! So I've been trying to think of something really keen to write about today, but I'm kind of all over the place, so I thought I would just do a couple of random bits and pieces all within the same theme. The main thing to remember today is that we are trying to save the ancient art of letter writing. Who doesn't love to open the mailbox and see something there besides bills?

I've resolved to stop relying on email so much this year. Each month, I realize it's one of my friends birthdays at the last minute and I end up sending off an ecard. So this year, I'm writing down all the birthdays and anniversaries in a special calendar. At the beginning of each month, I have scheduled a few hours to make cards for everyone on that month's list. In addition to special events, I'm also rotating a couple of "just because" correspondence into my schedule. Take my grandma for instance; I know she needs a little pick me up, so she'll be getting some kind of mail from me each month. Who's life could you make a little brighter this year with a simple piece of mail? You don't even have to make your cards like I'm doing. I belong to a fantastic Street Team of card makers on Etsy. Go buy a year's worth of mixed cards or blank cards, then just figure out who to mail to each month. One of the members just had an article in The Storque about how to write thank you cards too!.

Now moving onto a more artsy version of snail mail. The altered art movement is deep into mail art. If you have an artist friend who enjoys sending you REALLY cool mail you are a very lucky girl (or boy). Highly decorated, painted and collaged envelopes, postcards etc. are the name of the game in this unique art form. The GPP Street Team had a crusade last year that involved sending mail art to someone. Check out this link to see some awesome samples of it. These pictures are the mail art I did for the crusade and sent to my art buddy, Pilar.

Continuing with mail art, who's read Nick Bantock's Griffin & Sabine series? It's like reading someone else's mail. The entire story is written through beautiful and haunting postcards and letters (that you get to take out of envelopes glued into the book!). It's a joy to read. Here's the link to the boxed set and they are individually listed are in Amazon store link to the right. I've also listed a book about collage & mail art by the same author that's great for inspiration!

So I think that's enough meandering. The point is to write letters and send mail. Don't let letter writing become extinct! To celebrate, I'm giving away some note cards sets from my Etsy shop. Leave a comment between now and Sunday. I'll draw two names next Monday & the lucky winners will get to choose which set they want from my shop! I have recently added some fun new designs so this is a pretty good prize package if I must say so myself!

If you are having your own letter writing party today, please post a comment and let me know. I'll add your link to my list. I'll be checking-in a couple of times throughout the day. Be sure to visit the blogs listed below for more inspiration-maybe you'll even find a pen pal today!

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