Monday, January 7, 2008

Mannequin (IF-Stitch)

(Update: I'm using this entry for Illustration Friday for January 11, 2008. The theme is "Stitch" and I thought this entry would fit. (Get it, fit?, Sew, fit? Okay, it's early...)

These paintings are the last of the batch that I painted on New Year's Day. I got the mannequin idea, painted the first one, didn't like it & then painted the second. I'm not sure that I'm really pleased with either. I am happy with the patchwork on the first painting though. All the papers in that patchwork were made by me. I washed a couple watercolor papers with my favorite colors, dried them, then added paint & ink to make the designs. I better find time for another painting session! I'm out of fun stuff to show you!

Thanks to everyone for their support yesterday. Art & business are definately strange bedfellows and are sure to put a person in the occassional quandry!

Don't forget! Tomorrow is my letter writing blog party! Please play along! This is the first time I've hosted any sort of blog party & I'm hoping it will be successful!

Last, but not least, my sister-in-law has started a blog! The whole family will be at before you know it! Please visit her & leave her nice a note. You remember how scary it was to start your blog. I know I felt like a lonely wallflower waiting for comments.