Sunday, January 6, 2008

A much needed break

I'm taking a quick break from doing my year-end business accounting & organizing. I'm really feeling uneasy. I need to sit down & write my 2008 marketing plan and I'm so confused about the direction I want to go in. Do I want to license my artwork? Do I want to concentrate on getting wholesale clients? Do I want to stick with retail? So many decisions! My head is spinning. I know that once I sit down & really think about it, I'll be okay, but right now I'm feeling filled with angst. I'm even wondering if my artwork is good enough to build a business off of. Sigh.

So to get out of my head for awhile, I thought I would post another painting I did last weekend while I was still blissfully ignoring all my business tasks. Hope you like it! It's a cupcake! A perfect combination of the cupcakes that started out my painting journey and my new "Katie Face" to represent the direction I'm starting to move towards. Doesn't she look peaceful? Maybe I need to go have some tea & cupcakes and stop obsessing and making my own life harder than it needs to be.

I have such trouble just going with the flow. I know that, everytime I start to treat my art like a business, I end-up with a creative block and misery. I know I should just let go and do art for art's sake. That's what really makes me happy & if I am happy, I'm going to produce work that people appreciate and eventually want to pay for. I need to learn to trust the process & back-off a bit. Easier said than done. Hope your resolutions aren't giving you as much trouble as mine are!