Friday, January 18, 2008

Picture This

I'm really struggling with taking pictures for my Etsy shop. I'm hoping that my slow sales aren't because of my artwork, but because of my picture quality. So I'm trying, really hard, to get some good pictures up. I'd like to think my camera is to blame, but that's also probably just a pipe dream!

So, I spent the morning taking pictures of some of the plaques I made for the shop. Thought I would do it outside, where the light is good. I thought I would get "artsy" with it & hang the plaques on a hook by my orange tree. I'm all proud of them, and then I read in the Etsy shop make-over article that placing items outside the environment buyers would actually put them in is a bad idea. Sigh. Screw it, I'm putting them up anyway. I'll keep trying. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Don't worry my feelings won't get hurt if you agree with Etsy. I can't possibly get more frustrated than I already am & the last time you guys were truthful (remember the black blog?) you pushed me to work really hard & the results paid off.

Also, tell a friend. To introduce my new plaques, I'm running a special. Every plaque order received until February 1st will get a bonus of 4 postcards of four different prints for FREE! That's like getting 5 prints for the price of one! Just type BLOG into the comments when you are placing the order.