Thursday, January 10, 2008

Special Delivery from The Storque

Don't get excited not the stork! The Storque is Etsy's online, daily newsletter & I am proud to say that they published an article I submitted! Here's the link. I didn't want to say anything until they published it, but I've been bursting with excitement over it. I've had a lot of PR lately & am hoping to see an increase in sales soon! Fingers crossed for me, okay?

Today's little eye candy is a tag I made for Pilar. I took the little girl from my Serenity painting, cut her out & put her in a little origami paper teacup. I've really been playing with using art I've already created and reworking it and turning it into new art. You can't get more copyright free than your own artwork, right? Try incorporating some of your previous work into a new piece. It's amazing how much your own work can inspire you!