Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vintage & Sweet

Here are my first two pages for the Vintage Valentine round robin book group I'm in. I've never done a round robin before & it's a little scary to work in someone else's book. You feel all this pressure to do it perfect, worrying that you will "ruin" their book. I'm also finding "vintage" a bit of challenge. I used to do tons of vintage collages, but as I've changed over the past year, I have strayed from it, so this a bit of a challenge for me. I like it though. Doing something different really makes you stretch your creative muscles. I'm completely in awe of the artists involved in this project. Check out all their beautiful pages here.

Now for the sweetness. Both Kara and Alison have given me an award! I'm so honored! I feel terrible because I've been so long in acknowledging this sweet gesture. I don't know if I really deserve it, but I am so grateful for blog friends like Kara & Alison, who love me despite my flaws! I'm supposed to pass the award on, so I'm going to honor my family today. My sister-in-law, Reina & my mom, Laura deserve this award! They both "make my day" on a regular basis with all their support & love.