Friday, January 4, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

I was looking at my first entry in my first visual journal yesterday. I started it on January 25, 2007. Wow! It's amazing to see how much I've grown in my art journal! This is the entry. Pardon the bad picture, but my journal is really thick now & I can't get it to lay flat on the scanner!

Now look at an entry I just did using the same picture.

I didn't do this on purpose, I just like using this image. I stumbled on the two entries by coincidence. While I still have a long way to go, I can definately see how my composition has changed and all the new tricks & tips I've learned over this past year are definately present in the new entry. It feels kind of good to know that the time I'm spending on my art is paying off. That I'm making progress.

Over the past year, I've spent a million dollars and a million hours (well, almost a million) on art books and magazines. I just don't read them though. I made a promise to myself that I would actually DO the exercises and try out the techniques. I mainly did this in my visual journal. That way, I didn't feel like I was "wasting" art supplies. As a matter of fact, this latest entry was very strongly influenced by new favorite book, The Art of Personal Imagery. Please get this book! It's completely amazing! Now that I've seen my progress, I'm so excited to see what happens over 2008! I'll keep you posted!

P.S. If you want to check out some of the other books that influenced me this year, you can click here or go through the link on the right that says "My Amazon Store".