Monday, March 31, 2008

A little more

Here are the two little canvases I promised. One is 2" square the other is 3" square. It was pretty fun to play on such a small surface. I remember when I first started this whole art journey a couple of years ago-I was terrified of large canvases. Now I struggle to stay on such a small format.

Both paintings are, again a step away from my usual style and colors. I like challenging myself. I like the teacup a lot. The birdcage is a bit messy, but it calls to me for some reason. I'll have to journal it out & see what it is trying to tell me about technique. I already understand the symbolism. I use birdcages & birds in my art a lot & the bird is always out of the cage. It represents the "gilded cage" I'm living in right now. The bird is my soul. I constantly stuggle with the housewife/stay at home mom thing. I feel incredibly lucky we can afford for me to stay home, and I love being home with my daughter, but I also miss having a career sometimes. I spent the first 35 years of my life working. My job/business was my identity and I'm still smarting from the abrupt way that identity was taken from me. Of course, I'm thrilled beyond belief that I can use art to deal with it.

Do you use Google Alerts? I do-I tell Google to send me an email with links to any site that mentions katydid designs or katydiddy. I don't get a lot except my own site, but this morning, it told me I was on Scrapscene. Who knew? Glad I had the alert so I could thank them for the free PR