Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I know I've been absent for a bit! Sorry about that. I had to write an article for a magazine-I'll share more about that when it comes up-and then I created and taught a journaling class to my mom & her friend this weekend.

One of the activities I use my visual journal for is to try out techniques I see on other blogs, and in books and magazines. It's a fun place to try stuff out without feeling like you are copying someone. I find that once I get started, I always end up with a piece that still has my signature style and I walk away from the exercise with at least one element that can be incorporated into my future artwork. The entry above is one such exercise. I first came across the idea on this sweet lady's blog, who took a class with this artist. 3 degrees of separation! I really loved the look of it and decided to incorporate it into my daughter's scrapbook. I'm not really a scrapbooker. For some reason, I just hate doing it-I think it's because most of the elements are already made; stickers, stamps, brads. So I decided my daughter's scrapbook is going to be more of an "artistic" version of her life's events. (She's either going to love it or think her mom was nuts when she grows up!) The entry for her book below is inspired by the same technique. It's documenting her first trip to the movies. We saw Enchanted. We went with my blog & art buddy, Michelle and her son. My daughter LOVES Michelle's son. She calls him a Prince, so I thought this page would be a great reminder for her. I included the movie stub so that, when my daughter is an adult, she can laugh at how cheap movie tickets were. At the rate they are going now, it will cost what, $50 bucks to see a movie then?