Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to my living room

I had a full night of painting last night. I really didn't have the energy, but once I got started I was VERY productive. I also moved out of the kitchen & away from my sweets and did some furniture. I've been sketching tons of furniture lately. I haven't played with watercolors in awhile. I love the look of ink sketches with hints of watercolor here & there, don't you?

I did the two armoire paintings for a friend. Her company is called From Mom's Closet and she's looking around for a logo. She makes terrific aprons and pillow cases and purses. I'm hoping she'll like what I came up with. If not, it's okay because it really inspired me & got me going on this furniture kick.

After a couple of hours of watercolors, I moved to acrylics and that's when I completely left my comfort zone. The colors, the style...I think this painting looks really different, but I am oddly compelled by it. I think it's important to occassionally get out of our comfort zone when we do our creative work. Who knows what new talent you might discover. Even if I end up not liking what I produce, I usually walk away with a new trick or two that I can apply to my regular creative process. Out of this one big session, I finished 5 watercolors, and four acrylic paintings. I love all the watercolors, and am liking two of the acrylic paintings. I love this chair painting:

Because it is so different, I feel especially proud of it. I stepped away from what I usually know & feel like I was successful. That almost means more to me than when I paint something that has become somewhat automatic for me (cupcakes!).

Of course there are failures too, like this painting of a woman, but I was just playing so it's no big deal that I painted something crappy. Of course, I have a studio filling-up with "bad" paintings & I'm wondering what to do with all of them. Although I hate some of them, I feel terrible throwing them away-even the bad ones seem like they are a part of me.

That's enough for today-sorry I got so long winded. I have two more teeny, tiny paintings to share with you, but I'll save them for later this week. They are both acrylic, I'm not sure if I like them because I'm still experimenting & they are only 2 and 3 inches big!