Monday, April 7, 2008


I found this great picture at the boutique on Saturday. That's the other bad thing about boutiques-you can sometimes spend more than you make! I thought the whole hunting aspect of it would be appropriate for today's post.

I'm still working through Julia Cameron's book, Walking In This World. I did a fabulous exercise this week (Week 7!) and I thought it would fun to share it with you and invite you to do the same exercise. It really inspired me and I'm sure the results of it will have an effect on my future artwork. If you decide to do it, please leave a comment here so that I can visit and see your answers! (The questions are directly from the book. Please give credit accordingly!)

1. What culture, other than your own interests you? Italian

2. What age other than the one we're in resonates with you? Victorian Age

3. What foreign cuisine feels like home to your palette? Italian

4. What exotic smells give you a sense of expansion & well being? I LOVE the smell of Hawaii! I step off the plane and feel instant relaxation.

5. What spiritual tradition intrigues you besides your own? Buddhism

6. What music from another culture plucks at your heart strings?
Mambo. The soundtrack from The Mambo Kings movie comes to mind.

7. In another age, what physical age do you see yourself being? Late 20s, early 30s. Wishful thinking?

8. In another culture & time, what is your sex? Female, always female.

9. Do you enjoy period movies? Yes! I love the Merchant-Ivory films, like Room With a View and Passage to India. I always love all the movies make from Jane Austen's books.

10. If you were to write a film, what age & time, what place & predicament, would you explore? I think I would go along the whole Room With a View thing.

After doing this exercise I realized it all tied together. The uptight Victorian ladies traveling to exotic places like Italy. I'm going to investigate the Victorian period a bit more. Probably re-rent some of the movies I mentioned above. I'm happy about this whole self-discovery exercise because it's an era that I don't see being explored extensively right now. Everyone is kind of on a Marie Antoinette kick right now. (It used to be Frida Kahlo.) It's easy to get hooked into the latest trend and this exercise helped me find MY voice and a fun NEW direction to take my art in.