Monday, April 21, 2008

Playing Catch-UP

I know I've been MIA-sorry about that. Life gets in the way sometimes. I haven't even been doing much art, but I have been taking photos. I'm also trying to teach myself Photoshop, so it takes me twice as long as to get my photos uploaded and looking the way I want them to.

Speaking of learning new things...I am applying those cake decorating skills I learned a couple of months to go my cupcake baking. Last Monday, I had dinner at Reina's house and I was in charge of dessert. I made luscious coconut cupcakes from The Barefoot Contessa's first cookbook. Her recipes are always super sweet & rich, but they are always a huge hit. Every recipe I've tried of hers wins rave reviews. I've had baking down since I was a little girl, but the decorating part has always been a challenge. I'm extremely proud of these! I can't believe they came out of my kitchen! I LOVE pastry bags!

On Thursday, I went up to my mom's house, aka Trails End Ranch. I try to get up there a couple of times of month. My daughter loves to see her Nana & Poppa and I enjoy visiting my mom. It's like a little vacation in my week. I took this picture of the old pony who lives on their property. I was told it was a VERY OLD pony, all of 35! (A little too close to my age for my comfort!) When I got home, I tried this lady's tricks for horse pictures and am pretty proud of the results. So that's my week (except for a super-duper excursion that is getting it's own post, see above). Just goes to show you that even the everyday things can bring a chance to learn something new and be creative.