Friday, April 18, 2008

The Secret Life of Cupcake Toppers

I ordered some wonderful wedding party cupcake toppers from The Wonderful Secret a few weeks ago. Only two survived the trip through our wonderful postal system, but I was able to glue and balance and take pictures of all of them. (By the way, Heidi, at The Wonderful Secret was spectacular about the whole broken item thing, so I have to give her kudos for her wonderful customer service!)

I spent an afternoon in the yard with a piece of white cardstock playing with all the settings on my camera. Here are the pictures I came up with. I'm thinking I'll create a set of note cards featuring the images for my Etsy shop. I think they would make great thank you cards for brides to send to their wedding party. (Yes-brides-we all know the grooms don't generally do these tasks when dealing with the whole weddding thing.) I also think they might really good individual cards with funny sayings like "Dick didn't know who to turn to." or something like that. Any captions ideas would be a blast to read & if I use yours, I'll send you a free card or two. So get creative and share your ideas with me.