Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stretching your artwork

"Mommy, will you paint me a garden?" How can I say no to such a request? So off to the studio I went to paint a garden. My daughter pushes me outside my boundaries. I think this painting is very different from what I usually I do, but I like it. It reflects my current inspiration of little girly, frilly things. I don't think this is finished. I need to add some butterflies or something. It's always scary to add to my work. I'm terrified I will ruin it. I'm learning that I can always paint over it though, so it's getting easier.

Here's a trick I learned in a class about licensing your artwork. Look for multiple images that can be separated out of one piece of your work. This painting is a perfect example of how you can do that. I'm able to get 4 images out of this one piece of artwork: the original painting, the birdhouse, the gazebo and the gate. Great for a set of cards or a series of prints. Look at your artwork and see if you can get multiple images out of one of your pieces.