Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Markers

Another little crafty thing I've been working on. Fancy paper garden markers for all my potted plants & herbs. The two here are images from Sandra Evertson. I love, love the lavender one. Her little umbrella provides just the right amount of shade on sunny spring day.

I've been doing these little projects here & there as I've whirled through my days getting out a large custom order, getting the MTV goodies ready and preparing for my trip to Spain. These little projects help me calm down and stay in the moment. The great thing is all the projects are for me. Not for my shop. There's something freeing about that. Sometimes I get caught up in the business side of things & forget to play. Of course, I'm thinking of making up some garden markers for the shop later-maybe with my original images or retro-50s women, but I wouldn't have come up with the idea if I hadn't let go for a bit. I'm also returning to crafting it seems. I've been really consumed with painting and I had forgotten how much fun paper crafting can be. The really cool thing is I can use all my paintings as imagery for my craft projects.

Because I'll be out of town and will be making my Etsy shop inactive while I'm gone, I'm not running a Goddess of Craft special this month, but you should still hop over to our blog and see what the other Goddesses are offering this month.