Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me...

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my Etsy shop. I didn't write about it because it brought up a lot of mixed feelings. I was actually a little sad because sales aren't exactly where I would like them to be after a year. I've had some successes outside of Etsy, but I just haven't hit my stride in this arena. I look at the sellers who have sold 1000s of items and I feel pangs of jealousy. Then I feel guilty for being jealous. I talked to my husband about it last night and I journaled about it and I'm feeling better this morning. It helps that I've been working on myself via the book, A New Earth and Oprah's podcast about it. I need to enjoy this moment and not worry about the future, because the future will just another NOW moment when it comes. (Makes your head hurt doesn't it? But think on it a minute and it will make sense.) I've also been practicing gratitude. So, with that in mind, I'm going to focus on the positive experiences I've had on Etsy this year:

1. I have sales! Even one sale is better than none!

2. I met my blog buddy, Nikki, through Etsy and through her, I met Christine & Kara. These are the sweetest and most supportive people a girl could ask for.

3. I was featured on the front page of Etsy 3 times this year. That rocks! There are a million sellers out there, so this a huge honor.

4. I had an article in The Storque! A couple of sellers who read it, took the time to tell me that I inspired them and helped their business.

5. I had an article written about my online store here.

Not so bad afterall. Sales aren't everything. Actually, fame isn't everything either. I'm most proud of the friendships I've made and the idea that I may have helped someone else with their business. This is the core of being one with the universe. If anyone is successful, we are all successful.

Here's to another year. I'm looking forward to seeing what it brings me. To celebrate my anniversary, I'm offering a 50% (!) off coupon for my store to one lucky blog reader! Leave a comment and you will be automatically entered. I'll announce the winner May 14th!