Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Tiny Goodies

Here are the last of my projects from my recent inspiration whirlwind. First, I decked out my little white birdcage. I love this birdcage & never glue anything down because I like to change it out every now & then. I think this latest installation is pretty in pink! The vintage millinery flowers & the little pink bird sit on top of the cage & the lovely little pink doll sits inside.

Then, I made my daughter a fairy forest room. Inside I've tucked a fairy's bureau-painted hot pink and glittered. The fairy who owns it hides all kinds of little things she picks up when she is out in the world. (Yes, I am planning to sneak down in the night and place different things for my daughter to find on the shelves!) If you walk deep enough into the forest, and you see a flash of pink, be careful! You are treading fairy ground!