Thursday, June 19, 2008


I love accessories. I think any outfit can be made instantly fabulous when you get creative with how you accessorize. When I got back from Spain, I found a fabulous package of goodies from my blog buddy, Laura Baillie. It was filled with accessories! An adorable flower pin, some great earrings and a beautiful, handmade card. I love each item and have been aching to tell you about them. I've just been playing catch-up since my trip. It was recently her birthday, so go over to her blog & wish her a happy one. (I think a great gift would be to order from her shop too!)

Speaking of shops and accessories. I've been playing with my sketchbook and trying to think up new ways to use my illustrations so that they are actually functional. I just listed some new pins made out of paper & shrink plastic. They are super economical and pretty unique. Even if you don't wear pins on your clothes, I bet it would look really cute on a hat or scarf or bag. Want to see it? Go here.

I think I'm going to wear my new pin to the tea party that Vanessa Valencia is hosting. So if you see me there, feel free to come up to me and say, "Darling! That's a marvelous pin you have on!"

Keep passing the word about the playdate. Even if you don't plan on playing, I sure would appreciate it if you would let your readers know about the party!