Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cupcakes in Bed

I have been super busy finding new ways to incorporate my illustrations into new items for my Etsy shop. I just created some gift tags and magnets using the cupcake from my "Elegant Cupcake" painting and, while I was taking pictures for the magnets, I slapped the cupcake magnet onto a Pottery Barn picture I had ripped out and hung on my fridge. Instant art! Now I'm all excited to see what other situations I can get my cupcakes into! Maybe I'll add a cupcake or two to some of pictures from Spain. I'm going to have fun with this discovery. It's like Colorforms only better! Maybe my "Serenity" girl needs a change of scenery too...now where did I put those magnet sheets?

Speaking of cupcakes...I just met a new mommy friend (Hi Geri!) and she has an awesome website for kids clothes. Check out this cupcake outfit. I think my daughter might need one. Or you could buy it as gift and use my cupcake gift tags for the wrapping! Geri is also a new blogger, so pop over to her blog & say hi. You know how scary and lonely those first few posts can be!