Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Mad Tea Party (of the costume variety)

Welcome all my lovely guests. What a perfect day for tea in the garden, don't you think? Just the right kind of weather for an armless doll (please meet Madame Alexander) to play her shiny, red piano. What? You didn't know armless dolls could play? Silly! They play better than anyone!

Ah! Our first guest has arrived. Princess Florinda, the infamous flamenco dancer. At least I think she must be infamous if she is going to dance on the piano! Oh my! It seems she has taken a bite of one the biscuits marked Eat Me and has grown to full size! No more piano dancing for you Princess! Please take a rest and join us at the table. It appears that the Duchess, Emma, has already slipped in and sat down. Doesn't she have lovely blond hair? (Psst-it's her real color too!)

Your feet must be killing you after all that stomping and twirling you were doing.
Can I offer you some tea?
Oh My! You must be very thirsty!May I offer you a biscuit? I know that you must watch your weight in order to fit into that tight flamenco dress, so I am serving some simple biscuits with the tea today.
Oh Dearest Me! What's that?

A furry beastie of some kind?
No, no! It's just Sir Jack, stopping by for a biscuit. Well, after all that excitement, I think it's best if we all fly off and visit the other Mad Tea Parties that are happening to today. Please come along by visiting A Fanciful Twist to see the full list! Thank you ever so much for coming to visit the Flamenco Princess & I! Please be so kind as to sign our guestbook on your way out. If you leave a comment, you will be entered into a drawing to win some lovely flamenco dancer garden markers! The winner will be announced on Monday, June 30th.

UPDATE! Kay Ellen won the garden markers! There are still some in my store though, if you want to purchase them.