Friday, June 6, 2008

Tapas & Sweets in Toledo

I hope you aren't getting sick of my vacation pictures yet. I feel like this is a new version of making everyone watch a slideshow of your trip. I suppose the good thing about doing it on a blog is you can leave anytime! These are the last of the pictures from Toledo, then I just have a couple of days in Madrid to share and then you are free from the vacation banter.

One of the best things about going on vacation, sans children, is that you really get to reconnect with your spouse. We get caught-up in the day to day duties and forget what it feels like to date. For my husband and I a vacation has always served as a way to reconnect. I've also found that we are usually even closer after a trip to a foreign country. There's something about not speaking the language & being in a different culture that makes you feel like the only 2 people who understand each other. Sometimes literally! It gives you an "us against the world" feeling that can only bring you together.

Today's pictures are from a marzipan shop in Toledo. Marzipan is one of the major things you HAVE to buy when you are in Toledo. The local nuns usually make it, hence this cute shop window with the darling little nun dolls.

This paper is what they wrapped our marzipan purchase in. I'm only including it because when they were wrapping it, my husband saw my eyes light-up over the paper and he snidely said, "I bet that's going to end up on your blog." So, of course I had to include it in this post. So honey, this one's for you!

After eating sweets, it was time for tapas. We had our little guidebook, got lost numerous times and found a quaint little plaza with a couple of great restaurants. We still aren't sure if this was the restaurant we were originally looking for, but it worked for us! We just had tapas because it was about 7:30pm and restaurants in Spain don't start serving dinner until somewhere betwee 8:30-10pm!

NEXT POST: Madrid!