Thursday, June 5, 2008

Toledo's Cathedral

If you have never been to Europe, you can't quite understand the overwhelming feeling of standing in on of it's cathedrals. They are absolutely huge! I've been to St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC and the Los Angeles Cathedral in the US, but they seem like little churches next to the great cathedrals of Europe. Toledo's Cathedral didn't disappoint. It was darker than most, but still very breathtaking. The only downfall? Flat screen TVs hanging from the massive pillars inside the church! Can you believe it? It kind of ruined the whole thing.

While I was in Europe, I missed my daughter terribly. During the busy days, it was tolerable, but at night I would pine away for her little kisses and the sound of her sweet voice. Inside the cathedral is a statue called the Virgen Blanca. It spoke volumes about how I feel about motherhood. The smile on Mary and Jesus' faces sums it all up. Check-out the image here and let me know what you think.

I wish I could have taken pictures inside but it was forbidden, so you will have to be happy with the exterior and the courtyard areas. There were flowers everywhere from the Corpus Christi festivities the day before. I had a great time taking pictures. This whole blogging thing has really increased my interest in photography and once you get into photography, you start to "see" things in a whole new way. I think I took more interesting pictures than I ever have before and am really learning to use all the settings on my camera to ensure the best shot. Learning Photoshop is proving to be worthwhile too!

Next post: Tapas and Sweets! (You didn't think I would leave out food did you?)