Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cupcake Cards!

I just loaded a couple of sets of my new Elegant Whimsy Cupcake Note Card Packs! I thought it would be fine to have a set of cards that feature 3 of my cupcake paintings. This time, the elegance comes from some vintage wallpaper patterns I have in my personal collection. You can buy the cards here.

I've been working on keeping my inspiration for my Elegant Whimsy idea fresh. I found some lovely beads at The ARTbar the other day and I had to have them. The colors inspire me so much, but I don't really make jewelry and I wanted to find a way to have them out so that I could see them and be inspired by them. So I dug out my mini-canvases (each one is only about 1"-3") and glued the beads onto them. Now I can hang them up by my work table and enjoy them!

As you can see from the photo shapes and flourishes, I'm still playing around with Photoshop & having a ball. Hope all is well with you!