Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Elegant Whimsy Crafty Idea

Just a fun little idea today. Isn't this a cute, elegant and whimsical little horse? He's made from paper mache and then I collaged him using Decopatch products. Really fun! You can purchase Decopatch supplies at The ARTbar. This project really reflects my whole elegant whimsy style. The horse is such a traditional, elegant form, but he becomes so whimsical when you add a crazy paper pattern! I'm planning on pairing him with a stack of books and a vase of flowers on my bedside table. He'd look great in a study or office too.

I'm feeling a bit negative about mankind right now. On Sunday night, I got the dreaded call from the fraud department of my credit card company asking if I really bought $700+ worth of shoes and joined an online dating site. Ummmm-NO! Someone, somehow lifted my credit card number and was charging away all day Sunday. It got caught right away, but now I have to try to remember who I have automatic charges set-up for the card etc. It just makes me sad that there are really people out there who do this to other people. Wouldn't it be great if we all took care of each other & played nice? I'm trying to be thankful that my credit card company took care of it & I'm not out any money, but I still feel a bit violated.