Monday, July 7, 2008

I HEART napkins

I was so inspired by this blogger's work and tutorial, that I thought I would give adding napkins into my paintings a shot. I am super happy with how the results came out. The painting above (I call it Nanny, because the umbrella reminds me of Mary Poppins) might end up being a series. Nanny seems like Fall to me, so I might do the other 3 seasons too. I put some old dress patterns into the background for extra depth in the background.

This next painting, A Paper Doll's Garden of Delights, gets me excited because it reminds me it's almost time for my super fun blog party that's on Friday! Are you ready to share your ideas for decorating children's rooms? Or room ideas for the young at heart? I can't wait to see what you do! There's still time to say you are playing & don't forget if you advertise the party on your blog, you get entered to win a goody from me. Just let me know when it's up on your blog by commenting on this post. Back to the painting-the paper doll is an orignal illustration I did. You can purchase her all by herself as a laminated bookmark in my Etsy shop. She loves to read and would be very happy to keep your place for you.

People are always asking me how I can let go of my artwork. How I can sell it and not feel a loss. Well, truth be told, I rarely sell originals. I have been sticking to prints of my original work and holding onto the originals for dear life. However, my studio is getting overloaded. I don't really hang my originals up in my house. I have some up, but not all. I am running out of storage space and think I may need to start letting go. What do you do? How do you get over feeling like you are giving away or selling part of yourself? I suppose we are lucky nowadays because we can still have a scan of the work, but still-it's a dilemna!