Thursday, July 10, 2008

The July Newsletter is Out!

The latest issue is all about getting published in books and magazines. It has a dazzling new look-like my blog-too! I've decided to use this post as a place for all my newsletter subscribers to comment on the latest issue. If you have any questions, comments or additional tips regarding the July newsletter, please leave a comment on this post. If you aren't a subscriber, you can always read the latest issue online on my website at Click on the Newsletter tab.

The image on this post is a new card I am offering to my newsletter subscribers before it hits the Etsy shop. I'm having some trouble getting good, clean picture on my newsletter, so until I work that out, I thought I would post it here. Since you are my super special blog readers-you can have the same deal-just email me if you want one! (Only $2 plus $1 shipping for one card.)

The other big news I dropped is that I get to attend a book signing in August for the book 1000 Artist Journal Pages! Dawn Sokol, the author, has arranged for all the artists who contributed to the book (yep! one of my journal pages is in a book!) to take part in a book signing and gallery show at the ZNE Convenzione in August in Pleasanton, California. How cool is that?