Thursday, July 31, 2008

More paintings

My post yesterday was a hit! Here's a networking tip, whenever you mention someone else's blog or a product, contact the person or company and let them know you mentioned them. Everyone likes to know where their stuff is showing up, but you also might get some reciprocal PR from them too! See what I mean here.

Today, I'm introducing two more paintings-are you sick of my paintings yet? I collaged some canvas boards, painted over them and then covered the whole thing with melted beeswax. I really love the hydrangea painting. I've ordered both these paintings in postcards and I'll let you know when they will be available in my shop. Enough paintings now-I promise to post a couple of crafty things I've had going on lately in the next couple posts, ok?

OH Man! Another one of credit cards got hit today. I think I've narrowed it down to a website that I was ordering from. I used the first card that I talked about being used fraudulently for this one site, and then on Monday they said the card wasn't working-of course! Because the account was shut-down for fraud. I didn't think anything of it & gave them a new card number. Within 24 hours that card was being used illegally. I don't think the company in question is the problem, but they better look at their employees and network security! I'm kind of freaked out though! I feel like Big Brother is watching me and using my credit cards! Seriously, all the blogs I'm reading are talking about stolen Flickr images etc. Let's get the scales balanced again. Do something nice for someone today. Send them fun mail or something. We've got to get things back to being right.