Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Beginnings

So most of you have probably noticed the new blog look. I wanted to give you the story behind it.

A couple of weeks ago, I feel into one of those really deep, dark holes creative people sometime fall into. I received a rejection email from a group that I really wanted to belong to, my sales were non-existent and I was basically feeling terrible about myself & my work. I didn't want to whine about it here, but my mom & my husband each got an earful! It was so bad, that I told my husband I was shutting down my shop, and would just do my art for fun and, when my daughter was back in school, I was going back into the business world. Then I cried for two days.

As is usual for me, I got sick & tired of myself & decided to do something about my situation instead of just cry about it. I took baby steps, and one of the things I did to get my mind off things was learn a bit more about Photoshop. It opened a whole new world for me! I'm by no means an expert, but I now know enough to be dangerous.

During all this I also thought about who my target market was. I decided my work is very whimsical and that I should I probably start to focus on parents instead of everyone. I ran this idea by my best blog buddy, Kara, and she said she thought it was a good idea-but she also talked about how she wished she could have my whimsical art in her life, but she thinks a lot of adults don't because we are taught to put away our toys once we reach certain age. We are told to just "grow-up". People who bring whimsy into their lives are often labeled as outcasts or weird or flaky. This little comment changed my focus again. I'm bound & determined to find a way to make whimsy an acceptable thing for adults to embrace. So I am starting a movement...a style called Elegant Whimsy. I'm going to show everyone you can be a grown-up and still infuse whimsy into your life. It just takes a little grace & elegance to do it. The whole Elegant Whimsy concept is kind of like Rachel Ashwell's "Shabby Chic". She made that a household term & I'm hoping you will help spread the word about Laura Bray's Elegant Whimsy style!

So I'm rebranding. I think my new look has an elegant, but whimsical style. I'm still painting the same stuff, but I'm using my new-found Photoshop skills to give my cards and products a more grown-up look. I'll slowly be replacing all the cards in my shop to reflect the Elegant Whimsy style. I've just added my first set today. It's a three card combo pack and has one card of each of the styles below. (You can buy them here.) I would love to hear if I am on the right track. Does all this make sense? Does my new look reflect the Elegant Whimsy lifestyle? I'm thinking of also adding a weekly blog feature where I give tips for living the Elegant Whimsy life. What do you think?

I wrote this forever long post to explain the big changes, but also to tell you all to never give up! No matter how down you get. Let yourself have a little pity party and then look at it as an opportunity to grow. It worked for me. Ever since my attitude adjustment, I've had Etsy sales through the roof. There's hope for us all! Thanks for sticking by me. You all are the best!