Thursday, July 24, 2008

Painting with Napkins and Eating "Cup" Cakes

I know I just sent you over to Sharon's blog a couple of weeks ago, but that girl is really inspiring me right now. I've completed two more napkin paintings this week.

I'm thinking of making the set of paintings into postcards for my Etsy Shop.

And now she's done something really evil...introduced me to "mug cake", which I have renamed "cup"cakes. Delicious. I whipped up two for my daughter and I to celebrate a big breakthrough on potty training. Now my daughter thinks I'm a genius and I think I'm going to get even bigger hips. Try the recipe tonight-you won't believe how great it is. I loved it so much that I added a sketch to my copy of the recipe. You have my permission to click on the image and print it out. Add it to your recipe book. (Just don't use the image for commercial purposes, ok?)