Friday, July 11, 2008

Wow the day is here already! I can't wait to see what everyone has to share! Around here, we even have the dollhouse all gussied up for the event. I made the mini WISH banner and cake for my daughter's birthday on June 10th. I also made teeny-tiny party hats for all her dollhouse figures. They were all gathered in the kitchen of the dollhouse waiting to wish her a Happy Birthday when she got up in the morning. She was really tickled.

I thought I would share my daughter's play area with you. We have a typical, Southern California, two-story, tract home. The model we live in has a formal living room/dining room and a family room/kitchen area. Once we had my daughter, we decided that it was foolish to waste half our living space on "formal" areas that never even got used. So we turned the kitchen/family room into one big kitchen and eating area and made the formal space a large living room. (And I mean living! TV & everything! LOL!) When we made the change, we took the nook that used to house the TV in our family room and made into a mini-kitchen for my daughter.
Now I can cook or work on my laptop at the kitchen table while she plays, but we can still shove everything into the nook when we want to have a grown-up dinner party. I'm even debating putting-up a curtain so we can completely hide it. This Pottery Barn Kids catalog page inspired me. It wouldn't be difficult to add the curtain.
I just put up these great paper lanterns in her kitchen. I made them out of Amy Butler's scrapbook paper. Typical paper lanterns, except that I added a crystal to dangle inside the long lantern (Sorry I couldn't get a good picture!), and a little birdy hangs inside the round lantern.

I'm loving the idea & have thought up tons of other stuff I could hang inside...paper fish, paper cupcakes. The possibilities are endless!

I said I would draw a winner from the list of bloggers who advertised this event and the winner is Geri from Kids Bargain Boutique! Geri, you won a custom paper lantern to match your child's room! Just let me know the colors!

I'm also going to give away a set of note cards featuring the bed painting that is in the blog button for this party. You can see the cards here. I'll announce the winner on Monday! Don't forget to share a static link to your blog entry about children's decor in the comments!