Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clothespin Dolls

It all started when I got invited to join this Flickr Group. Have I ever made clothespin dolls before? No. Did I think I ever wanted to? No. Clothespin dolls were made by my paternal grandmother with pipe cleaners around their necks so they could be hung as ornaments on the Christmas tree. Then the Flickr group came knocking and I once again saw how an "old fashioned" craft has been reborn. Isn't it amazing? So I instantly jumped on the bandwagon and began my first dolls. I'm pleased to introduce Fiona, Flora and Babette. As is common for me, I also managed to turn a craft into a painting. Each doll has their own 2"x2" canvas portrait. (Tip-if you ever get stuck looking for drawing or painting inspiration, do a craft. The worst thing that can happen will be that you will want to paint the finished product!)

As is also common for me, I discovered that one of my good blogging buddies also recently discovered this lost art. It always happens that way. I read somewhere that it means you are in "the flow". That the universal, creative energy out there usually makes an appearance in different artists' lives in similar inspirations. If you look around and feel like everyone has the same ideas as you do, don't get mad, it just means you are the stream of creative conciousness. Get out your inner tube and float along with all of us!

Okay, enough about the universal flow-since my blogger friend is also making clothespin dolls, I thought I would pack Babette's bags and send her off to visit the United Kingdom (lucky girl!). Kind of a like a foreign exchange student if you will. She's caught her flight, via USPS today. I can't wait to get postcards from her trip! If you feel that you might have a good home for Fiona, let me know. I'm afraid Flora won't be able to travel though-her umbrella makes it difficult & she's a bit of a homebody anyway.

By the way, if you like my mini-suitcase, visit here to learn how to make one for yourself!