Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coffee Break

I just want to crawl into this painting and have a cup of coffee (and maybe a cupcake) right now. Do you ever have one of those weeks? Going-going-going? I'm trying to adjust to the new schedule around here. My daughter has started preschool, so that's two days of back & forth and she has ballet class once a week. In between all that, I'm trying to work on my business and keep house. I think I'm trying to take on too much work right now too. I somehow I convinced myself that the 6 hours a week I would get with my daughter in school would be plenty of time to do 40 hours of work. Fuzzy math. I'm glad to have the work, I just need to get organized. I just spent my daughter's "rest time" going through all my emails and making a to do list. I get scared when I realize that my Inbox is overflowing with things I'll take care of later. Then I end up going back and realize I let stuff slip by. (Yes, I use the little flag things in Outlook, but I tend to ignore the reminders I get from them.) So I'm going to go through the Inbox every week and make a big, WRITTEN list of what needs to be done. Then, I'm going to look over the list and decide if I have to do everything. I need to get clear on my goals and make sure I'm spending my time to work towards what I want to achieve. Not just because I was invited to join in on a project etc.

The painting above isn't done-it's on the list though! Or maybe not, I was just playing with some transfer techniques I just learned...