Friday, September 19, 2008

Fiskars Fridays

This week I wanted to share a super quick project. Placemats! Use your scrapbook paper to create beautiful placemats for any occassion. All you need is the paper (12"X 12" per placement), ribbon and Fiskars (TM) "Leave it to Weaver" border punch. Punch the sides of the scrapbook paper (or go all the way around), thread the ribbon through and BINGO! A beautiful placemat. This would work with any border punches. Get creative. This would be a great project for the "kids table" at Thanksgiving. No worries about gravy on your good tablecloth! (You might want to give one to Aunt Bearnice too-those wine spills are tough to get out!) If you wanted your placemats to last, laminate them.

By the way, a bunch of my fellow Fiskateers and Certified Fiskar Demonstrators have shown an interest in this Fiskar Fridays blog idea, so I'm inviting them to leave comments with links on this post, that way you can visit and get lots of other ideas.