Sunday, October 26, 2008


I did a little "baking" for my ever growing miniatures collection. Each one of these pies is only the size of a bottle cap! I learned how to make these cute little pies here.

The whole miniature thing is running very strong in me right now. I am obsessed with making little things for dollhouses. I even asked for a dollhouse sized bake shop from my mom for my birthday next month. I'm tired of sharing my daughter's dollhouse! Seriously, there's no use in pretending that I'm only doing this stuff for her anymore. I'm regressing back to my childhood. My next door neighbor had an awesome handcrafted dollhouse that opened with hinges. At the time, I thought it was enormous. I envied that dollhouse for a very long time.

I was also a huge Barbie player. Everything my sister and I came across was considered for it's possible use as a Barbie accessory. Banana split containers from DQ? A Barbie bathtub! Everything was fair game to be reused for Babs. I guess we were "green" before our time.

I've got some more mini goodies to show you soon, so come back and visit. In the meantime, what did you repurpose for your dolls?