Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble

The time has come for the annual witch gathering. You see, we are four generations of witches...Laura (Grandma Witch), Laura (Nana Witch), Laura (Mommy Witch (me)) and little O (Baby Witch). Yes, three of the witches are named Laura! We range in age from 3 to 79. Every October, we have tea and teach the new little witch everything we know about casting love spells. You see, we don't ever cast bad spells! We meet in October in the haunted dining hall of the old ranch house. This year, I was in charge of the festivities. First, I had to select a date that would be auspicious for us. I consulted The Oracle and it was decided that October 18th would be the very best date. At noon, the witching hour! (Midnight isn't a good "witching" hour for 3 year old witches.) Now for the menu...
Of course, I decide that cupcakes...
and eye balls are in order.
This is a special event after all!
The other witches arrive promptly and go straight for the cupcakes. (Halloween Hint-if you ever need to distract a witch, set out a plate of cupcakes.)Witches also love a large chalice of grog or apple cider, so have plenty on hand.Oh Dear! It appears that Grandma Witch is having some difficulty holding onto her drink. Sometimes her magic gets away from her...There that's better!
Now to get down to business. Grandma Witch consults her spell book and checks things out in her crystal ball.Now for the lessons.Baby witch is a very good student and she loves it when Nana Witch teaches her how give boys cooties. (I know, we are not supposed to do "mean" spells, but sometimes certain boys on the playground need to learn a lesson.)After lessons, everyone except me goes out for broom flying practice. Hey! Someone forgot to teach me the spell to magically clean-up!

I do believe that October 18th is a very popular day for witch and Halloween parties. For a list of more magical parties you can visit go here.

(Special Thanks to Nana Witch for letting me use some of her pictures.)