Friday, October 3, 2008

Fiskars Fridays

In the beginning of this year, I challenged myself to draw something everyday. It was amazing to see how quickly I improved with regular practice! The only problem is you start to run out of ideas of what to draw eventually! So I started to use the Everyday Matters prompts and was constantly inspired. One of the daily challenges was to draw scissors so, naturally, I pulled out my Fiskateer scissors! It's a pretty rough drawing and you can see it was done early on in the experiment because the date was in January!

Did you know that there is a Flickr Group devoted entirely to photographs of scissors? Visit here to check it out! It would be kind of cool if all the Fiskateers took pictures of their scissors and posted them.

My idea for Fiskars Fridays has been catching-on! To see other Fiskateers and Certified Fiskars Demostrators' blogs, go here.