Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, Kara's in the UK, resting up from her shower. I'll post the winner of the belly contest once I get the measurement from her!

I have an exciting new project to announce. I'm going to have an exclusive blog about the practice of gratitude, called the The Gratitude Habit. Some of you may know that every November, I run an ecourse that helps people get into the habit of expressing gratitude. This year, I decided to turn the course into a membership blog so that I can have pretty pictures, more crafty projects and community atmosphere. I would love it if you would join!

Practicing daily gratitude, especially in times like these, is really important to me. I've been pretty depressed and scared about everything that has been going on economically so I started my gratitude journal again on Monday. You know what? I've had one of the most successful weeks of my life since I started it! I've had 7 online sales, was able to set-up a meeting with a manufacturer that I have wanted to work with, had an article published and found a website that will help me achieve my goal of writing a craft book! It's not magic, but when you are in a positive state of mind, you start to take positive action (sometimes subconsciously) and more good stuff comes to you.

There are only 99 spaces available and I'm only charging $5 for membership. Seriously, that's a great deal. Go here to read about everything you get and to order your membership.

If you advertise the Gratitude Habit Blog Membership on your blog, please leave a comment here and you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free membership! I'll be giving away 3 free memberships! (If you want to sign-up now, and you win the free membership, I'll reimburse you!) The winners will be announced on October 19.

I hope you will play along with me!